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Real-time food costs and profits

Using Esupl Menu Engineering software you get automatically calculated and updated food cost based on the latest supply from your suppliers for each menu item you have. You can set up minimal margins and Esupl will notify you once they were violated.

Detailed recipes

Use detailed recipes to create budget-friendly dishes, control ingredient prices and weights. Once you set up your recipes Esupl will start write-off ingredients based on these recipes. If there is ingredients overspending or non-compliance with the production technology process, you will easily notice this in the inventory report.

Perfectly organized!

You can set up Ingredients - everything that goes into your dishes, as well as use different Analogs for each Ingredient; Menu products - everything that you sell as it is; Preparations - everything that you cook, but don’t sell and Dishes - everything that you cook and sell at your kitchen. You can divide your menu into groups using Categories or upgrade your dishes using Modifiers.

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How does Esupl deal with the case when I use different supplier products for one ingredient?

Can I import menu items from my POS?

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